One family watched too much TV and turned to zombies. Make the zombies and their house human again by solving match-3 tasks and puzzles, doing makeovers in the zombie beauty salon.
Once upon a time there was a family called the Bells - just an ordinary family like yours and mine, and everyone else’s. But somehow, they turned into zombies. The whole family. And their home quickly degenerated into a dreadful living-dead dwelling, too.

By lucky chance it was found that beauty awakens zombies, turning them back into human beings again. Makeup, hairdressing, a clothes make-over, the addition of accessories, home decoration – it all seems very ordinary but then, everything that is genius is simple.

The purpose of the game is to help the poor zombie family become human again and turn their frightful habitation back into a human home.
Get Human Again
Complete match 3 tasks, do a makeover in the beauty salon, solve a riddle for a change, and turn the zombies back into human beings, and their monster dwelling into a beautiful house.
Match 3
Smooth and clear game onboarding, including training, hints, smart levels, beautiful animation and original fun tiles.

Zombie Care: Get Human Again - Beauty will save zombies

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Plunge into the smart and fun world of the zombie apocalypse
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